Hi, I’m Tom.

I’m thrilled you’re here, because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We both love the quality in life.

My passion is clothing in general, although suits and shoes have my preference.

My brand is an ode to Good Manners.

During my professional career in fashion, I often saw people going for fast and easy money, putting aside their Good Manners.

I choose to produce in an ethically, sustainable and responsible way.
I know the people who make my garments, and it is important to me that they are equally compensated for their work.
I want to do business with people, not with companies.

Good designs and Good relationships come from Good colloborations.

This is why I only work with people who have the same passion as I do.

In these busy, digital world we have a feeling of nostalgia. We intend to look back to craftsmanship and authentic products.

This look and feel, is reflected in my collections.

Honest and responsibly greetings,

Tom Loodts,

Quality in life should always come first
Good Manners
is a big part of that.